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FIT Credit Card is the most ideal card for individuals with bad credit scores or those who are just beginning to build their credit history. FIT Credit Card comes with great benefits and advantages with an option for instant approval with an initial low credit limit.

What is the FIT Credit Card?

The FIT Credit Card is an unsecured credit card. It means that it does not require a hefty security deposit to be paid in order to open a credit account.

Usage of this card is reported to all the major credit bureaus. This makes it ideal for those people who are trying to rebuild their credit history. Or for those who are beginning their financial journey and have zero credit to showcase at the current moment. They need a good start and there is nothing better than a reliable and secure credit card such as this card.

Fit Credit Card


1Initial setup fee$89
2APR29.99% Variable on purchases
30 Intro APRNone
4Minimum Credit RequirementsBad or no credit
5Annual Fee$99, deducted from your credit
6Foreign Transaction Fee3% of the total transaction
7Monthly Fee$6.25 (waived for the initial 12 months)
8Initial Credit Limit$400
9Credit Doubles UpAfter 6 months of regular payments
10Application ProcessEasy and fast
9Reward ProgramNone
11Sign-up bonusNone
12Checking AccountRequired
13Fraud Liability CoverageProvided. The cardholder is not required to pay for unauthorized transactions
Zero Security DepositA higher fee structure
Very convenient eligibility criteriaHigh APR
A very decent initial credit limitNo reward programs or sign-up bonuses
Credit doubling up chances after six monthsA balance transfer is not allowed
An easy and quick application process 
Reports to all three major credit bureaus 
Foreign transactions allowed 
Cash advances are offered 
A grace period of 25 days is provided 
Mastercard® theft and stolen card protection, all other benefits of Mastercard® are available 

Now, let us explain all these features along with their pros and cons to understand this card better.

An overview of the features of the Fit Credit Card:

1. Low credit eligibility criteria

This is one of the best features of this card. Anyone who is struggling with their credit scores and is currently on the lower end of the spectrum can apply for this card. This card can not only be used as a starter credit card, but it can shape the cardholder’s spending habits in the best possible way.

2. No Security Deposit:

When people with bad or zero credit go to open a credit account, they do not have many choices or options. They are mostly left with the option of cards that are secure. These secured credit cards come with hundreds of dollars of security deposit to be paid upfront in order to begin.

On the other hand, unsecured card options for such people are quite limited. And amongst the available ones, Fit Credit Card stands out the most because of its features and the benefits it offers.

3. The Fee Structure:

· Initial Setup and Annual Fee:

This card comes with a zero deposit but an initial setup of $89. And when the account opens, the Annual Fee of $99 is also deducted. So, a total of $188 is deducted straightaway.

This may sound extremely hassling and the total figure may look terrifying.

At this point, many people say that if this card does not need a hefty security deposit, why does it need an initial setup fee?

But the point that needs to be remembered here is that this initial account setup fee is not as heavy as a security deposit is in the case of secured cards.

This initial setup fee is kept for the bank’s benefit, and it is around $89 only. This is a nominal amount for most people. However, we understand that anyone who is currently going through a financial crunch may have difficulty arranging a total of $188 in one go.

The $99 annual fee is deducted from the credit itself. So, instead of a $400 initial credit, the cardholder gets around $301. Which is another downside to the card. However, if you still compare it to the security deposit of some secured cards, you will still find this amount of $188 lesser than the hundreds of dollars that the security deposits required.

· Monthly Fee:

Apart from these fees, a monthly fee of $6.25 is also charged. But it is waived for the first 12 months of account opening.

· Foreign Transaction Fee:

This card charges around 3% of the total transacted amount as Foreign Transaction Fee.

· Fee for additional cards:

If the cardholder wants to add another authorized user to their card and apply for an additional card, they will be required to pay $30 as a one-time fee.

4. Higher Interest Rate:

This is a downside. This card comes with a Variable APR of 29.9%. This is a high-interest rate in comparison to the card’s competitors. Also, this card does not offer a 0% Intro APR.

5. Decent Initial Credit Limit:

The credit limit that other cards provide to people with zero or bad credit scores is quite less. However, the Fit Credit Card offers a very decent initial limit of $400. After the deduction of the annual fee, the available credit limit will be around $301, which is mostly where most cards begin with. So, hypothetically, a card that comes with an initial credit limit of $300 will have $201 of available credit after paying off the annual fee.

In comparison to this, the Fit Credit Card’s available credit is fairly decent.

6. The Credit Limit Increment:

A major plus factor of the Fit Credit Card is that it allows a doubling up of credit limit after six months.

This means that if the cardholder has demonstrated responsible behavior, has been regular with their monthly payments, and has generally shown an improvement in their credit ranking, then they will be eligible to have their credit limit increased. So, if the initial credit limit was $400, then after six months, it can go up to $800.

This is quite a leap and a sure motivational factor for people out there. This is an incentive that can encourage the cardholders to demonstrate good behavior.

The maximum credit limit of the Fit Credit Card is $2000.

7. Liability Coverage:

This is another benefit of this card. It offers complete fraud liability coverage. It means that the cardholder is not required to pay for any unauthorized transactions that have been made with their Fit Credit Card.

8. Credit Building Opportunity:

This card is issued by The Bank of Missouri and reports to all three major credit bureaus. So, if a cardholder makes regular monthly payments, pays more than the minimum amount, and generally shows responsible behavior, their report goes to all the credit bureaus. And that too, on a monthly basis.

So, this is an ideal chance for people to impress the bureaus and improve their credit scores as quickly as possible.

9. Easy Application Process:

The Application process is extremely simple. The applicant can receive the results of their scores and standing, and qualification status within a few seconds.

10. Versatile Usage:

This card can be easily used to make payments at retail or online. Basically, at all locations where Mastercard®is accepted.

All the benefits that come with Mastercard® such as “fraud and ID theft protection, TransUnion credit report monitoring, and emergency assistance for lost or stolen cards” are all applied.

11. Continental Credit Protection Program:

The Fit Credit Card cardholder gets a chance to opt for the Continental Credit Protection Program at the rate of $0.99 for every $100 they have in debt. This program cancels almost all the existing debt in case the cardholder loses their job, faces a disability, or passes away.

(Continental Finance is a consumer finance company that partners with the Bank of Missouri to issue credit cards, including the Fit Credit Card).

Continental Finance

12. Grace Period:

This card comes with a grace period of 25 days (starting from the first day of the new bill cycle).During this period, the cardholder can pay off all their balance without having any interest accrual on purchases.

If the cardholder has paid off all their balance by the end of the billing cycle, they will not be subjected to any other interest charges. But if there is any balance remaining from the previous billing month, then all the purchases they will make during the present grace period will be subjected to interest accrual, which they are required to pay off too.

13. Mastercard® Benefits:

As mentioned above, all Mastercard® benefits are applied to this card, including the Mastercard® Discounted Airport Services. These are meant for the concierge services which allow the cardholders to enjoy a 15% discount at the airports.


When we weigh the pros and cons of this card, we surely see how the pros and benefits outweigh the cons. And this is proof enough that this card is one of the best out there for subprime borrowers and for people who have zero credit scores or are just beginning.

The fee structure and the higher APR are slightly bumming, true. But if we look at it from all angles and consider all the features and perks that it offers, this concern can easily be taken care of.

The card does not offer a rewards program. But for a person who is struggling with their credit history, rewards do not matter much when they are getting other benefits that this card offers

So, considering everything, our verdict is to give 4.5 stars out of 5 for the Fit Credit Card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What cash advance does this credit card offer?

Ans: Credit card cash advances at withdrawing money from an ATM machine are allowed for this card too. But only when 95 days have passed after the first day of account opening.

Q. Is there a cash advance fee upon withdrawing cash from the ATM?

Ans: Yes. $5 or 5% of the amount withdrawn (whichever is of higher value) is charged as a cash advance fee. Remember that the cash advance APR is the same as that of the variable purchase APR, i.e., 29.99% for this card.

Q. Does this card allow balance transfers?

Ans: No, this card does not offer balance transfer, which is basically the transfer or movement of debt from one credit account to another.

Q. Why does credit reporting matter so much?

Ans: Most lending companies or banks do not report to all three major credit bureaus, namely Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Some report to one or a maximum of two of these bureaus.

However, if a lender reports to all three of these bureaus, it is a very positive and fortunate situation. Because it gives a fair chance to the cardholder to demonstrate their sincerity that they are being responsible with their credit. If they are able to impress the bureaus, their credit scores have a good chance to improve.

For a person with a good to excellent credit score, this thing might not be so important. However, for a person who has a low to bad credit score, this chance is crucial. It is a matter of extreme importance for them.

Therefore, we can easily say that the Fit Credit Card offers this precious chance to its cardholders and helps them in their credit-building for the better.

Q. How to apply for the Fit Credit Card?

Ans: It is a very easy process.

You can apply via Phone, as well as online.

To apply via phone, you will need to call (866) 513-4598.

To apply via the Continental Finance website, all you need to do is to visit and follow the steps to easily apply for the card.