Benefits of the FIT Credit Card

FIT Credit Card is not a new name for many people who struggle with their credit scores. When someone’s credit scores fall into the bad category, their options to apply for credit cards get very limited. This is where the FIT Credit Cardcomes to the rescue of all these subprime borrowers.

With the benefits and uses that it provides to its users, this card can be safely considered one of the best credit cards out there, especially for people who are either trying to rebuild their already damaged credit history or those who are looking out to start this journey with zero credit.

Some of the main benefits that the FIT Credit Cardoffers include the following:

1. Low eligibility criteria

If your FICO score is around 350 or even less, then this card is for you. As you must already know, this credit rating is considered “bad,” and there are very few lenders who approve such cases for credit. However, the FIT Credit Card does not have any limitations on this matter and you can easily apply for this card whenever you want.

2. Good Initial Credit Limit:

The card offers an initial credit limit of $400, which is quite decent for a beginner or for someone who is trying to repair their credit history.

3. Double the Credit Line Opportunity:

This opportunity comes after six months. If the cardholder makes regular payments, keeps their balance within their credit limit, and generally shows good behavior in spending and paying off the debt, they can get a chance to double their credit line. So, if the original credit line is $400, after a period of six months, the cardholder can get it to $800.

4. Fraud Protection:

The FIT Credit Cardcomes with all the benefits of a Mastercard®. This includesfraud protection and alerts against fraudulent activities and unauthorized usage.

If the card gets stolen and misused by someone whom the cardholder has not authorized, there is no liability on the cardholder. So, this is a great benefit of this card.

5. Versatile Usage:

This card can be used at all places where Mastercard® is accepted. Whether it is for shopping, online or retail, dining, or traveling- your card will cover you in all possible ways.

6. Credit Building:

The FIT Credit Card is issued by The Bank of Missouri. It reports to all three major credit bureaus, namely Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. If the cardholder is paying regularly, the reports will affect their credit scores positively.

7. Monthly Free Credit Score:

When you activate your FIT Credit Card, you need to open an online account which gives you the advantage of easy access to online payments, viewing the transaction history, and checking the balance.

One major benefit that you receive is that FIT Credit Card provides you monthly free credit checks to always keep you in the loop about your credit scores.


The card has its downsides too, like high APR, initial setup fee, etc. But if you consider its benefits in comparison to its cons, you will realize that the benefits outweigh by a great margin.

Therefore, it can be safely said that the FIT Credit Card is one of the best credit cards you can get if you fall into the subprime category of borrowers.

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