FIT Credit Card Features

FIT Credit Card is one of the best credit cards out there for people with bad credit scores. They are even available for those who are just beginning their journey and have zero credit on them.

Most companies and lenders don’t approve subprime borrowers or have minimum credit score requirements of 500 and above. But Fit Credit Card is available for people with 350 or lesser credit scores too.

This card is not only famous because of its extremely lenient eligibility criteria, but it is also famous because of its features that are highly beneficial for the users.

Let’s delve into the features of Fit Credit Card:

Eligibility CriteriaFICO 350 and even lower than that
Initial Credit Limit$400
Double the Credit LineAfter 6 months of regular payments, $400 can go up to $800
Mastercard® Zero Liability ProtectionYes
Monthly Reporting to the three major bureausYes
Free Monthly Credit ScoreWith your FIT account, you receive monthly credit scores through e-statement

1- Lenient eligibility criteria:

As mentioned above, this is one of the best features of the Fit Credit Card. The eligibility criteria are very lenient. Therefore, it gives everyone a chance to rebuild their credit history.

2- Initial Credit Limit:

You get $400 as the initial credit limit with this card. This means that you can use it in all places where Mastercard®is accepted. Whether it is for dining, shopping (retail and online,) or traveling- your FIT Mastercard can prove to be your perfect companion in all places.

3- Double your credit line:

With Fit Credit Card, you can earn a chance to double your credit line after six months. All you need to do is to make regular payments, always keep your balance under your credit limit, and generally show responsible behavior towards your credit.

4- Zero Liability Protection:

When you get your Fit Credit Card, you automatically become eligible to enjoy all the benefits that come with Mastercard anyway. And one such beneficial feature is the mental peace that comes with zero liability protection.

It means that if your card gets stolen and someone else uses it, i.e., if the usage of your card is unauthorized, you can report it instantly and you will not be liable to pay for those charges too.

Apart from this, you get fraud alerts and many other perks that are associated with a Mastercard.

5- Monthly reporting to the credit bureaus:

Many lenders report to either one or a maximum of two credit bureaus. But FIT Mastercard is issued by The Bank of Missouri, and it reports to all three major credit bureaus in the US. These credit bureaus are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

These monthly reports are very important as they give a fair chance to the cardholder to improve their credit scores and build their credit.

6- Free monthly credit score statements:

When you activate your FIT Mastercard, you need to open an account. And the best feature of this account is that it sends you a free monthly credit score via e-statements. These monthly credit checks are super important if you are looking out to rebuild your credit history, or if you are a beginner and trying to create a good impactful credit score.

Regular checks also let you know the impact of your actions (responsible or irresponsible) on your credit every month.


FIT Mastercard is a simple card that comes with some amazing features. These features make it a must-have for anyone who is trying to build their credit, repair their credit history, or just wants to have a card without a balance.