All About the Issuer of Incredible Credit Cards

The Bank of Missouri is famous for its credit cards, financial products, business and investment plans, and retirement plan options. The Bank is behind highly successful credit cards like the FIT Credit Card for subprime users.

The FIT Credit Card is specially designed for people who have credit scores around 350 and even less. If you are a beginner and have zero credit history, this card is ideal for you to begin with. Also, the bank reports to the three major credit bureaus. So, the FIT Credit Card comes with a great chance of credit building too for its users.

The Bank of Missouri partners with the Continental Finance Company, a leading US-based consumer finance organization. And together, they issue cards like the FIT Credit Card for the users.

The History of The Bank of Missouri:

The foundation of The Bank of Missouri was laid in 1891. There was no bank in the vicinity of Missouri at that time. So, a group of neighbors decided to build one on their own. And The Bank of Missouri, which was named The Bank of Perryville at that time, came into existence on 2nd November 1891.

From 1891 till 1902, this remained the only bank in the entire Perry County. There remained only one branch of this bank for almost a hundred years. However, around the 1990s, the bank started expanding its wings to other areas also in Missouri.

By 1997, the bank had expanded all the way to Cape Girardeau. This was the same year that the bank’s name was changed to “The Bank of Missouri.”

In 1998, the bank established another branch in Perryville County, and one loan production office was established in Jackson, Missouri.

Over the passage of years, the bank has now more than 35 branches all over Missouri. There are two that operate in Perryville and Jackson, while four branches are operational in Cape Girardeau. Several other places like Scott City, Marble Hill, Columbia, Caruthersville, and Patton in Missouri also have branches of the bank.

The bank not only deals with financial products, credit cards for subprime borrowers, and investment plans, but it also offers full-brokerage services at various locations in Missouri, USA.

The Bank of Missouri has accumulated $1.7 billion in assets over the span of all these years. And has been independently catering to the people of Missouri through centuries.

According to their website, the vision for the creation of this bank has always been to serve well to the people of Missouri. Their main aim is to give back to the people of their community through their resources and help them build their lives as comfortably as possible.

Their motto is “Live Well, Bank Well,” and they surely help their clients do the same as they promise.