FIT Credit Card – Tools and Resources

FIT Credit Card comes with a lot of benefits. It is meant for all those people who are struggling to build their credit scores or are trying to repair their damaged scores. Some of its perks include the beneficial credit tools and resources that it provides to its users.

Let’s discuss the variety of tools that a cardholder becomes entitled to use once they activate their FIT Credit Card.

At a glance:

Card Management with just a few clicks
Mobile App
Knowledge Database
Credit protection program
Access to the cardholder agreement, anywhere, anytime
Complete privacy for the FIT Credit Card cardholder

1. Online Access to your credit account:

When you activate your card, you have to open up an online account. This online account is simple to create, and even easier to access anytime you want.

Whether you want to view your previous transaction history, pay your bills, or check your balance- this account is one platform that you can use for everything. 

With this account, one of the best advantages that you can get is to receive a free credit score on a monthly basis.

Regular credit checks are super important especially when you are trying to repair your credit history or have just begun to build it.

You need to enroll yourself for the e-statements so you can receive your credit scores every month along with your e-bill.

2. Mobile App for easier access:

You can access your online account anytime and to make it easier, the FIT Credit Card comes with a special mobile app. This app is available for both Android and Apple users.

3. Knowledge Database:

The cardholder will be entitled to use a pool of knowledgeable articles. From learning about the credit ranking system and how to improve your credit scores, this knowledge database is full of articles that can help a cardholder learn a lot about their credit card.

Using this pool, a cardholder can easily find the answers to all their questions. There are many things that confuse a new card user. So, this knowledge database can prove to be a perfect guiding system for new and old users too.

4. Credit Protection Program:

With the FIT Credit Card, you will be entitled to complete credit protection. This is a special credit card protection insurance that allows cardholders to not worry about their payments if they go through a financial crunch.

For example, if a cardholder loses their job, or goes through an accident/ailment/disability due to which their finances are hampered. In such cases, paying off their regular credit card bills is not easy. So, this Credit Card Protection program or insurance helps them on such days.

More details about the Credit Card Protection that FIT Credit Card cardholders can get are available at

5. Access to the cardholder agreement:

It is strongly advised to keep reviewing and rechecking your cardholder agreement after a while. It so happens that people often forget the terms and conditions, benefits, and other important stuff that they agreed upon while signing the cardholder agreement.

So, to offer complete transparency, FIT Credit Card comes with easy access to the cardholder agreement anytime and anywhere.

This is especially good for people who are new and the FIT Credit Card is their first credit card. They need to exercise a lot of caution and must understand their agreement terms with the issuers to avoid all future conflicts and problems.

6. Privacy:

When you visit, you can check a complete guide to all the information related to the privacy policy of FIT Credit Card.

It is important to learn about all these details in order to protect your card, make it more secure, and prevent it from unauthorized usage at all times.

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